Privacy Café for Social Scientists (and others interested)

Is your privacy online protected and if not, what can you do about it? What are our ‘digital rights’ and why should we care? Volunteers from the Dutch digital rights organization Bits of Freedom will host a Privacy Café at the Social Science Faculty of Leiden University to address these questions and help you set up tools that protect your privacy online. Privacy Café is meant for everyone who wants to learn more about digital rights and how to protect them – from young to old, from tech beginner to expert. Bring your device (laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone) and any questions you have regarding freedom and privacy online.

This Privacy Café will be held at Pieter de la Court building, Room 5A23. Admission is free.

To register as a volunteer/helper for this Privacy Café click here.

This Privacy Café will also be attended by students following the “Digital Anthropology: A Critical take on Information Society” course.

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